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If you like working in an entreprenurial and fast-paced environment, Pudjiadi Prestige is the right choice for your career.

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Attention to detail : we suggest reading the job description carefully to ensure you meet requirements before applying.

POSITION Marketing Leadership Development Program Detail Detail

For high-potential marketing professionals, come jumpstart your career at a place where you’ll leverage your expat-experience and rapidly develop your marketing skills. The Marketing Leadership Development Program aims to find a talented marketer and progressively develop their skills until they become the company’s next senior-level marketing leader.


The first job in this program is to lead all marketing activities from A to Z at Kemang Apartment by Pudjiadi Prestige, which is an expat-friendly rental apartment that has delighted expat tenants for over 25+ years. With your expat experience and creative marketing skills, you’ll implement our high standards of customer service and get more expat tenants.


For this first job, no prior experience with rental marketing is necessary, but you’ll need to show not only your potential to succeed with expat customers, but also your potential as a future leader.


Your primary activities in this first job include the following : 

  • Strategizing how to get new expat tenants
  • Conducting show unit appointments
  • Implementing high standards of customer service, such as when existing expat tenants have a service request


Additional skills or previous experiences with any of the following is considered a plus point : 


You’ll have to show examples that you meet these personal characteristics to be considered a high-potential marketing leader : 

  • Follow through execution, such as reliability when asked to do something
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Solving problems in a cost-effective way
  • Integrity, such as no fraud
  • Honest customer service, such as not overpromising anything
  • Upfront communication about problems
  • Implementing creative marketing solutions
  • Adaptable when company needs to change strategy 
  • Resiliency despite difficult circumstances


Additional information : 

  • Will report to “Marketing Manager”
  • Position is located in Kemang Apartment (https://g.page/KemangApartment?share)
  • Target start date is between September and October 2020
  • This is a supervisor-level role, but currently there are no team members (could be option in future to recruit 1 sales staff)
  • Future promotion expectation is within 1-2 years, depending on culture fit, performance, and company need
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) (https://www.klipfolio.com/resources/articles/what-is-a-key-performance-indicator) for the role is how many new tenants you obtained
  • There will be a 3 month probation period



  • Health coverage
  • Job-related transportation
  • Commission
  • Employee-only prices
  • Grooming for future promotion within 1-2 years until become future senior-level leader at company


Example interview questions : 

  • Why are you interested in becoming a senior-level marketing leader?
  • Why do you think you can handle the rapid learning curve to be a senior-level marketing leader?
  • How do you distinguish your marketing skills from others?
  • To what extent are you someone who is “hungry” for achievements?
  • How does your previous job make you qualified to do rental marketing to expats?
  • Can you show an example of how you upheld integrity even when others didn’t?
  • Can you show an example of how you implemented the cost-effective way to solve a problem?
  • Can you show an example of how you showed a high sense of responsibility?


Interview preparation resources : 

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